Looking for an ESA? Here’s Why a Dog is Your Best Bet

Looking for an ESA? Here’s Why a Dog is Your Best Bet

Given the rising number of people suffering from one or another psychological condition, the need for an emotional support dog is increasing day by day. There, no doubt, are a lot of other animals that can make great pets. But then why do people turn to dogs mostly for emotional support? 

Well, it’s not actually difficult to see why.

For thousands of years, dogs have been great companions to humans, providing them with all the required love and psychological support. And after all this time, the connection between these two has obviously become stronger only.

Here are a few reasons why dogs make such great emotional support animals.

Their Amazing Personality

Having an emotional support dog with a personality that compliments yours can be really amazing. And this can help you recover from your condition very quickly. However, you should note that, just like humans, dogs too have different personalities. And only if you understand them, you two can form a bond with each other. 

But hey, the good thing is that you can find a dog that matches your personality, very easily.

There are five major personality types of dogs.

The Always Happy Dog

This type of dog makes a great emotional support animal due to their cheerful and happy personality. He is always in a good and delighted mood, making the people around him also happy. 

The All Confident Dog

Perfect for adventuring and exploring the surroundings. Some may consider him dominating. But he’s just happy and confident in itself. This type of dog is generally the leader of the pack.

The Shy Dog

This type, in contrast to the happy dog, likes to live in peace and calm. Somewhat timid sometimes, but can be super excited and fun around his owner. He’s very sensitive to his master’s needs. And this makes him perfect as ESA.

The Independent One

They may take some time to form a bond with their owners. But once formed, this bond is unbreakable. Furthermore, these dogs are perfect for people who travel very frequently, as they don’t need anyone to have fun once they have their favorite toys.

The Adaptable One

These dogs actually are a mixture of all other personalities. They can be trained easily and follow their owner’s command happily. Plus, they get along with everyone and are easy to control, making them perfect ESA for anyone.

Their Unmatched Loyalty

You probably have heard the phrase “Loyal as a Dog.” And this is actually true in all its essence. The loyalty of a dog can never be questioned. 

A dog is a friend that will never leave your side, no matter what. And this level of loyalty ensures that you don’t go even a single day without being loved. Your fluffy friend loves you with all his heart and will always be by your side.

They Make us Social

The world is full of animal lovers. And dogs probably are the most loved one among all. Don’t believe me? Just go out with your pup for a walk. You’ll see how many people will stop by to pet your four-legged friend, and chat with you. A dog is like a walking social magnet.

This can actually be a great therapy for the people who feel left out and can’t talk to anyone due to their psychological condition. So, if you are ever feeling lonely, you can just grab your companion’s leash and go out. No one can strike up a conversation like your furry little friend. 

They Make us Responsible

Have you ever felt you don’t have any purpose in life? We all have been through this phase at least once in our lives. And at this time, staying in bed and doing nothing seems like the easiest option. 

But when you have a dog as an ESA, you’ll feel responsible for him. He’s dependent on you for food, exercise, and happiness. And this means you can’t just sit around lying on a couch and doing nothing. You gotta take care of him as he takes care of you. And you need to be responsible.

This responsibility, in turn, gives you a purpose. You automatically get up early. You take him for a walk and feed him. And you take him to a vet when he falls ill. With all this, your life automatically takes a turn to something better.

They Make the Best Companions

No offense to other ESAs, but there’s a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Their loving companionship for humans is just unrivaled. The way they welcome you when you come home in the evening, the way they run toward you every time they see you, and how they get so excited when you take them for a walk is simply amazing.

Dogs just love the company of humans, and we also feel just the same for them.