How to Take Care of Your Pet Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic?

How to Take Care of Your Pet Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Pets are great medicines. If you have anxiety, depression, etc., you can receive emotional support from your loveable dog to deal with your symptoms effectively. There’s no side-effects of pet therapy as antidepressants. It always feels great playing with them, walking with them in the streets, and sleeping with them.

But, with the COVID-19 is in the action these days, you might be missing some of the fun activities with your furry friend. After all, it’s important to ensure the safety of the pet in this hard time. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some tips for taking care of your pet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Do More Indoor Activities

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Like humans, animals need regular exercise to stay fit. But, now the situations are not favorable for outdoor activities. So, go for indoor activities to keep your pet entertained and healthy. Just imagine, getting locked inside the home for too long can make your pet develop anxiety and depression. Exercising can help ease/prevent these conditions effectively and naturally. Remember, your dog can’t help you with the required support if it’s not physically or mentally active.

There’s a wide range of options available in indoor activities for pets. Dogs love a simple tug of war to keep themselves entertained. You can play hide and go seek in the indoor space.

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License Your Pet

Get a license tag for your pet. It will help you find him quickly in case it gets away. When an Animal Service Officer finds your dog in the field, they can quickly look at the address in the tag and deliver your pet directly to your home. 

It’s important to note that different regions have different regulations for pets. I have a friend living in Irvine. Once I visited there and got to know that all dogs 4 months and older in the city require to have and wear a current license tag. However, cats are recommended but not required to have a license. The Irvine city council election is going to happen this November. 

Healthy Foods Only

Food is important. So, make sure you feed your dog with nutrition-rich foods. It will help your pet stay healthy both physically and mentally. 

To avoid multiple trips to the dog food store, make sure you collect more boxes. However, you can also use home-cooked foods. You should take care of the daily calorie intake for your pet. You can find the details online by filling age, breed, weight, etc. According to some experts, you should feed ½ to ¾ cup of food for every 11 kg.

Since your dog isn’t doing much physical exercise, you need to reduce the daily food intake. Otherwise your pet will not be able to metabolise the food eaten properly, and experience some health problems.

Treat With Care

The World Health Organization says there’s no evidence that pets can spread the coronavirus to humans. However, if droplets from an infected person falls on your pet’s fur, this may increase the risks of the virus transmission. So, treat your pet with love and care. If you have a busy schedule such as work from home, meetings, etc. you can ask someone in your family to take care of your dog. 

It’s important to pamper your dog by feeding his favorite meals a few times a week. Prefer spending as much time with him as you can.

Keep Medications Ready

Regular pet vaccination is necessary to prevent certain diseases. In the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep a few medications at home in the case of emergency. Deworming medication is one of the most common requirements. Additionally, you should keep medications for running fever, nausea, etc. If symptoms are severe, you should talk to the vet, and make sure you prefer the online consultation.

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Maintain Personal & Home Hygiene

Since more people will be there at home, allergies and infections will also be there. To avoid them, you need to keep your living space neat and clean. Clean the frequently touched surfaces at your home, and dispose of the waste properly.

You can use the backyard space to exercise your dog. But, make sure you do that in the morning. Be around with your dog all the time when he’s outside and make sure he doesn’t lick anything. Once you both come back, wash his paws and your hands to remove the dirt completely.