How to find a suitable vet for your pet?

How to find a suitable vet for your pet?

As a pet owner, you would always want your pet to be healthy and happy. Choosing a pet is a different struggle and taking care of them is an entirely different journey. Animals are synonymous with a cheerful vibe. If a pet is healthy, everything else falls in place. Ideally, that’s what every owner wants. Well, health is something that always needs our attention. There are a lot of factors that control it. No matter how many preventive measures you take, the risk is always knocking at the door.

In case any issue arises, a veterinarian is usually your first point of contact. For best results, it’s important that you select the right doctor. How are you going to do that? There are various ways that can help you in selecting the right doctor for yourself. 

Take recommendations

How many friends do you have that own a pet? 

I’m sure there might be a few. 

You can always use that fact to your advantage. You can ask your friends for suggestions in finding the right veterinarian for your pet. Enquire them about their veterinarians and check if they can be your match. They can help you in finding the right doctor and provide you with names that you can contact. If your friend happens to have the same breed of pet, you can have a better idea of the doctor’s working prowess. If they are good at managing your friend’s pet, it might help you. When you have a name of the doctor or clinic in hand, check the American Animal Hospital Association’s website. It maintains a list of veterinary services and evaluates them on various parameters. These include patient care, clinical facilities, expertise, reputation, cleanliness, and various other factors. If a particular hospital is accredited, it means you can trust the clinic. 

Check online

find a doctor with a digital resume

It’s good to have the names in hand but you need to check if they are worthy enough. A good way to do that is by checking online ratings and reviews.  Go through a list of rating websites and check if they have something positive. Analyze what the fellow customers have to say about clinical services. They can give you a good idea about the overall working process. Don’t just stick to a single review site. Check multiple sites and check if the particular service has a good rating on all the platforms. This will give you a more detailed idea about a particular clinic and help you in making a final choice. 

Contact the vet and ask the right questions

Once you have a list of veterinary services, call them individually and explain them about your problems. Check what advice they can provide you and the particular services they can match you with. Ask them general questions about what they can do. Check if they have the facility for ultrasound, blood-work, X-rays, and surgery. When you’re interacting with the doctor, check if they are a part of any animal welfare foundation.

This is not a necessary part of the drill but it just helps you get an idea of the doctor’s general interests. Ensure if the facility has a separate waiting room for cats and dogs. The staff’s behavior is important too. So, when you visit the facility, evaluate that. Don’t hire anyone unless you’re satisfied with the services. 

Introduce your pet to the veterinarian

When you’ve finalized the vet, it’s important to introduce your pet to the veterinarian. You can just arrange for a demo visit to see how the vet handles your pet. In addition to that, check how your pet reacts to the treatment.

It’s normal for animals to act weird in front of new people. So, it’s not an issue. It’s how your vet handles the pet matters the most. If the pet is an expert, he will be able to handle and calm your pet with ease. Ideally, a good veterinarian is aware of the basic measures to handle all kinds of pets. If he is an expert, they can even guide you in handling the pet properly and preventing possible risks to your pet’s health. 


When you have a list of 3-4 veterinarians in hand, you can compare them on various parameters. Price is an important factor while choosing any service. So, compare the services on the basis of affordability, expertise, certifications, reputation, and ease of access. Ideally, you would select a doctor that offers a good mix of all the services. You should check out the certifications a doctor holds. You can probably see that on the clinic’s website. A good clinic would have a special page listing the doctor’s expertise much like a digital resume. So, you can go through that and then decide accordingly. 

With the help of a good doctor, you can look forward to good health for your pet. Just take care of these basics and you can surely land a good expert for your vet.