How Emotional Support Animals will stop North Korea?

How Emotional Support Animals will stop North Korea?

You know how South Korea is somewhat on the crazier side of the world. I mean their monarch has one of the worst hairstyles in the history of hairstyles.

Kim Jong Un is what we call little touched, by the gods of wealth and fortune but they I can feel wore gloves when the Gods of mind and power to think. Kim along with another hell of a leader we have in our own country, Donald Trump.

Before they both would play their last tango on the world with nukes and a series of cyber crimes, let us find an alternative way to it keep the both  of them calm, when you have to bear the expense of thinking about the big orange, I am going to give you a great about the other bald bastard of the world.

Kim Jung Un is a depressing piece of work, he has a lot on his, PTSD, psychotic rage episodes are a few other conditions I could trace. Behavioral disorder is one major psychological problem Kim has. To be fair to the nearly bald man, it is important to understand that most of the world leaders are actually mentally sick, they all have a personality disorder.

As per numerous top psychologists, the urge of wanting to lead a whole country by yourself is one of the top reflection of behavioral disorder. 

Emotional Support Animals

You must have heard of the term Emotional support animal or ESAs; they are the animals which people with different psychological problems keep. As per many studies, some patients of various behavioral problems when live with their pet partners can keep the cool better than those who do not.

There are actually two laws that protects the rights of an American to keep Emotional Support Animal and for helping them fly with one. Yes you can fly with your pet if you have some sort of mental health related condition.

As cool as it may sound, it is hard for the person who already has social anxiety and a phobia of planes or height, to fly solo, their pet can be the only thing that is keeping them from drifting into the darker side. 

Now Kim Jong Un

Kim being the crazy son of a gun he is, should have an emotional support pig. Well, a pig because he looks like one, and acts like one, which is great. Kim Jong Un is now in a state that he badly needs an emotional support pig. Not enough information is there in the world about his wife, hell we do not even know what is her real name.

His dad, Kim Jong-il died some eight years ago. Kim is a lonely-lonely man who is circled with a yes-ass-master people, with not a single man to tell him that he is wrong or he can do something differently. The most dangerous person in your life have to be the person who never questions you. Kim is also known for spending a lot of alone time at his personal islands and usually in isolation. 

A person who is known for voluntarily being alone for the majority of his life, must be very shallow from inside. 

The Men

Would  you live off $1000? No, not per month, per year I meant. Yes, it is possible, but only if you are living in North Korea. The biggest paying job in the country has the salary of just over 65 USD per month. Yes, this is the highest paying job in this world.

People are working day in, day out in this shit of a country when they are getting what? Peanuts for working like animals. Let’s think about how they are living their lives in Korea? First of all, every man have to serve the army of the country for as long as 10 years from 20-30. Afterwards they have to get married to younger women. The Women

Women of The Country 

Actually, women in this country are seen as spinsters, if they do not get married by the age of 24. Indeed after the age of 24 years old, women are seen unfit for the marriage. So, what would women who are abandoned by men do? They become mistresses of rich men, yes it is a deadly trend is alive in the country and they love the ways of it.

Public affection of any kind of love is still forbidden but rich men can have and must have a lot of mistresses. These rich bastards often show off their mistresses in the public and boast about them. I guess both rich men and women who are “spinsters” need emotional support animals so that they can know what they worth and how beautiful the world in whole is this time.

Over and Out 

So, this is all about ESA, Kim and North Korea. Let me tag my ESA letter here and share this article to Northern Korea media, so they can know about it.