Getting a Dog? It’s More Work Than You Think

Getting a Dog? It’s More Work Than You Think

Everytime we think about getting a dog, it’s an override of joy and excitement, because who doesn’t love dogs, right? And so, on one of those wimps, you got a new pup. Great. Now what?

Let’s get something out of the way. 

Fresh water. Clean & Dog Friendly Food. Poop. Period. 

I’ve seen a lot of people adopt a pup, thinking- that’s all there is to taking care of a dog. How hard could it be? All you have to do is feed the pup, clean after them and you’re good to go. 

But do you really know what it takes to take care of your pup? Let me tell you some!

Clean and Hygienic Environment 

Once you get a pup, the house is gonna be a mess. From torn sheets to sometimes shit at random corners of the house, it’s all gonna be one dirty place if you don’t continuously clean after it. (Things get better once you’ve trained them, but it doesn’t happen overnight)

And you cannot leave random things and foods lying around anymore, cause if they can reach it, they will eat it. Especially if you enjoy the delicious delta-8 THC gummies or any CBD edibles, make sure they’re not lying around for your dog to try. 

And you don’t want a stinky eye from your dog’s vet when you take him in at 3 am because he had the last 2 blocks of your kid’s lego set or because you unknowingly intoxicated you pet who’s now under observation.

Fresh Water

You probably already have this under your belt but your dog needs to stay hydrated. Unlike you, who can walk up to the fridge and re-fill your glass of water when thirsty, your dog will always depend on you to fulfil these needs. 

Just keep a bowl of fresh water for your pup, refill it when needed and that’s good enough. 

Dog Food over Dog Friendly Food

While there are a bunch of delicacies you and your dog both can enjoy together, they need their fill of food that’s made keeping their nutrient needs in mind. There are more than enough good dog food brands and flavors to choose from, so this shouldn’t be too hard. 

They Need Emotional Support And Your Time

If your dog doesn’t greet you with a wagging tail or doesn’t hop right onto you after you come home from work, there’s something wrong. You need to take time out of your schedule, as packed as it might be, to spend time with your furry mate, communicate with them and create a relationship. 

If you’re getting a dog for your emotional support make sure you give it back too. Dogs, just like humans, can have anxiety and depression. 

Regular Exercise

Whether inhouse or in the dog park, your dog needs to get moving, jumping, playing and being let free. Just take your dog outside after a week of being trapped in the apartment and the excitement might just make you re-think your life choices. 

Going on walks with your dog can be a great way to not only get them in shape but it can also be your chance to bond with them. 

If you’re unable to take your dog outside everyday, you can always opt for paying with them inside the house. Whatever gets them running, and eventually tired, works.

Take Regular Veterinarian Visits

You have a general practitioner you go to on a regular basis to keep your health in check. Maybe go for regular dentist checks up or book an appointment with your gynae every month. But how often do you take your dog to see a vet? Don’t let the answer be: When he’s ill. 

Get you dog professional consultations every few months at least, and especially when they show even the slightest symptoms of illness. They’re your child, not a paying guest: Care for them like it. 

Train Them to Follow Basic Commands

Your dog doesn’t have to sniff your couch to find specs of weed or run into a sprint at the blow of a whistle. But a simple sit, stand, roll, shake kind of communication can make your life a lot easier. 

Reproduction Control

If you’re not looking forward to taking care of a bunch of puppies, take your dog to the vet and get that taken care of. Simple as that. 

Grooming & Spa Days

You’re responsible for keeping your dog clean, his fur shining & fruity and tick free. But every now and then, they’ll need their fur trimmed and nails cut short. Unless you’re a trained groomer yourself, don’t try to get these done at home.

And maybe the next time you color your hair, you can get them a matching fur at the spa too.