7 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dogs

7 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dogs

Isn’t it cute when a dog is playing with his human in the park and the dog brings back the ball whenever the human throws it? Teaching dogs tricks or similar activities to either make them more active or to find some activity that you can do with your dog to make both of you happy, is worth learning. Teaching certain tricks to your dogs is also considered to be an important activity which every dog owner should definitely try to do for the well being of their dog. Let’s have a look at 7 easy tricks that you can teach your dog.

To Bark on Command 

Teaching your dog how to bark on command is quite exciting but a difficult task to master for the dogs. It takes a super smart doggo to learn this trick and an extremely patient dog owner who will teach it. This is because it is the closest activity to speaking with your dog and that is exciting. You don’t understand what your dog’s bark means but now your intelligent dog can understand what your words mean. That in itself is a trick that you can be immensely proud of your dog for. 

To Shake Hands  

Probably the oldest trick in the book, shaking hands with the dogs is still the cutest thing ever. A rather easy to teach trick, a person just needs some other person to lift their hands in front of their dogs and place it in your hands. After watching this, dogs will generally understand what this trick entails and will do exactly so. While teaching it you can also give the dogs treats to let them know how good of a job they did. This will make them happy. You can also yourself take some sweet treats in the form of gummies from The Island now after all the hard work. Now both you and your dog are happy.

To Hide and Seek 

This trick is super exciting for your dogs and will work in stimulating their little minds. In this trick you can hide a number of treats throughout the house and the dog can fetch them and eat them whenever he comes across them. This is not as easy as it sounds. To teach your dog this, you need to start easy and start putting the treats in the most obvious places like near the door, in the corner of the room etc. Repeat these practices until eventually the dog understands the assignment. Then you can start hiding them in a few complex places and see how your dog diligently tries to sniff them out. This activity will help stimulate and engage your dog’s brain giving you a few precious moments to yourself.

To Bow Down

Another fun trick that a dog can learn without issues is bowing down. As dogs naturally are in the habit of bowing down you can easily teach them this particular trick. In this trick the dogs can put their head closer to the ground and go down on their forelegs almost as if they’re kneeling in front of you. Some people have made use of this fun trick to propose to their significant others, where they got down on their knees with their dogs in tow. She can say no to you but to you and your dog? Hell nah. 

To Roll over 

The successful way to teach your dog to roll over is pretty easy, just roll over with him. After you first teach your dog this trick, the more you practice the better your dog will get at taking the cues. Once your dog learns this fun trick you can show it to other dog parents and enjoy their jealous expressions. And don’t forget they look super cute while doing it, which is a big plus in itself. 

To Fetch the Ball or the Toy 

One of the most rewarding tricks to teach your dogs is when you teach them to fetch a ball or fetch any form of a toy like a frisbee. This exciting trick will make your dog run around the garden which is pretty cute and also keep their physical health utmost. This is not just fun for the dog but pretty fun for the human too. You, along with your dog, can go to a park and have a sporty session for about an hour or so. 

To Play Dead 

There are many viral videos on the internet of dogs playing dead when the owner pretends to shoot them. Immensely popular trick among children who like to act out their favorite action films and pretend to shoot someone, this trick looks very cute on dogs too. This is however not the simplest of tricks as dogs usually are too energetic to lie down but once you’ve taught your dog this, you will be considered as a god among dog parents.