5 Friendly Birds You Can Adopt as Pets

5 Friendly Birds You Can Adopt as Pets

One of the most successful industries in the United States of America today is the pet industry. This is because people absolutely love adopting pets as it is much easier to both take care and form a bond with an animal. Especially for people who struggle with forming meaningful relationships in life, adopting a pet is the only way they can be with another being without feeling the need to communicate. For many disorders like depression, loneliness, stress, PTSD and such, the patients are advised to adopt pets to keep them company and boost their moral support during the tough times.

Birds are popular pets for many such people who are suffering from certain mental health issues. Especially for the ones who love the kind and poised disposition of birds instead of the intense aggressiveness that other animals like cats and dogs display. If you are considering a bird for a pet, you should first be aware of the friendliest ones who can be adopted easily. So let’s have a look at them. 


These birds make the perfect pet for children or a complete new pet owner that doesn’t know a lot about bird keeping. Parakeet or budgerigar is thus the perfect pet bird to adopt as they are super smart species who are playful and do not require a great deal of space or maintenance. All these beautiful birds need just the right amount of care and attention. As their life expectancy is between the 12 to 14 years bracket and they learn new words and whistles easily they make for the perfect bird pets for anyone. 


Cockatiels are medium sized birds who are super cheerful and sweet. Members of the parrot family from the stunning island of Australia, these birds are super smart and friendly. While these birds are capable of learning how to talk, most people prefer to communicate with them via whistling and mimicking quirky sounds only. With an average life expectancy of upto 15 to 20 years these birds come in a variation of stunning colours. So if you think a cockatiel will suit your lifestyle the best, you should definitely go for them. 


If you are looking for a pet that isn’t sweet but gives you attitude and spunk, parrotlets are the birds for you. These small birds with big personalities are quite fun to keep around. Being super social and friendly they can prove to be the perfect pet. One thing that you must keep in mind at all times, however, is to take good care of them as they can become too wild without proper care and attention.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaws are the largest of all parrots. Being sociable and friendly however it is much easier to handle them. You can vibe and jam out with them as they are sweet giant birds. Their big size does pose an issue for the pet owners as the owners would require a big space to keep them happy. However, it doesn’t matter in the long term as they make up for their size by being kind and nice to their owners. If you adopt this bird you will never be able to get over their beautiful presence in your space.


The white beauty of the bird kingdom, a dove doesn’t necessarily look the most friendly of birds. This isn’t the best type of mindset to have because on the contrary they are quite sweet and pleasant birds when kept as pets. These gentle beings rarely bite and can be domesticated by even the most inexperienced of people. They do not demand as much attention and are still well behaved, what else could a pet owner ask for? Adopt these gorgeous birds today and enjoy the amazing experience.


The bird you choose to adopt will be the one that you find the most suitable for you as per your convenience, time and space. Don’t take too much stress while you are deciding on a particular bird pet but read and research more. It requires almost as much research as would be required for you to choose your perfect medical cannabis product. You would probably  research a lot and go through many customer reviews, doctor’s recommendations, delta 8 gummies review etc. and then decide on one product. Similarly implement such research objectives for choosing the right type of pet bird for you and see how everything works out perfectly for you.