4 Pet-Friendly Activities to Stay Sane During Quarantine

4 Pet-Friendly Activities to Stay Sane During Quarantine

While we remain isolated from each other during the pandemic, we can find comfort in the companionship of our pets. In the times of uncertainty and fear, we often tend to latch onto the things that are constant in our lives. What is more constant and available in your life than a pet. With nothing to do, we have a lot of time in our hands. And that calls for stress and anxiety. 

So, what do you do to de-stress during quarantine?

For instance I am into gaming. Right now I am engrossed in Valorant. Well, I was into Overwatch before but now I mostly hang out with my friends on a game of Valorant. That is one way I destress but sometimes even the game causes some stress. Having a pet actually helps me to not only de-stress from the uncertainty around the pandemic but also with all the gaming that I do. With them greeting me like conquering heroes and rock stars even though I have just come out of a disappointing loss in my game, they are perfect! Now is actually the perfect time to practice enrichment activities that stimulates and strengthens our bond. So, here are some pet-activities that you can do during quarantine. 

Become a Teacher

Quarantine is actually the perfect time to teach your pet new tricks. Like my dog is actually up to speed on all the basic tricks and manners, so during quarantine I have moved on to some more advanced tricks. You may be surprised but my dog now can roll over, play dead, and even stand up on his back legs on my command. Oh! That is a satisfactory feeling. At least someone respects me enough to follow my commands. Anyhow if your house is decently stocked up with training treats, don’t miss this opportunity to teach your dog some new tricks. This can actually be fun for both your pet and you. It can take up your whole afternoon if you let it. It is not like you have other things to do. Well, if you are a Valorant buff like me, get Valorant boosting and increase your rank while you are playing with your rank. Great, right? 

Take up Yoga

Pet Yoga! That even sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The first step is to actually not force it. Try incorporating it into your daily playtime and walks. Not only does it help reduce the stress but also helps you bond with your pet. It is actually a great way to spend some quality time with your feline. I actually got to know about this from my sister who is very much into this. It has been only a week since I have started doing this, and believe me it has been worth my while. So, take out your yoga mat and let your pet’s curiosity explore the room. If he seems interested in what you are doing, then go ahead and use him into some yoga poses. 

Model up Your Pet

Who doesn’t like taking pictures of their pets? Oh they make perfect models. I don’t know, I sometimes envy my dog. He is so comfortable in front of the camera while I, on the other hand, struggle to strike a simple pose when in front of the lens. The only thing that you need to take care is to make sure that you get a clear picture as they are almost always on the move or just not focused enough to look at the camera. Well, quarantine is the perfect time to hone up your photography skills and have fun while taking instagram-worthy pictures of your pet. Try using faster shutter speeds or switching your camera into sports mode to help capture your pet’s quick movements. Burst mode is also quite helpful. Try looking for natural lighting and most importantly get down to their level to find the perfect shots. 

Dance Party

Miss going to a party? I am not much of a party person, but I do like dancing. While this quarantine may have stopped you from having a fun night with your friends, it doesn’t stop you from having a dance party with your pet. Yes, you heard it! If you have time between your work meetings or your kids from their homework assignments, turn on some music, and get your body moving. Your pet doesn’t want to do anything else but to spend some time with you. Having some dance party will not only help you destress but also have a fun time with your pet. It will encourage your pet to jump and wiggle around with you. Yes, nothing makes them happier than your attention. And they do deserve it, don’t they? So, pick up a playlist and get dancing.