Small Living Space? Don’t Worry You Can Welcome These ESAs

Your space capacity has nothing to do with your mental condition. If you feel like embracing a support animal, nothing can stop you.

ESA letter

You have to find out your psychological state that what’s troubling you, and that’s it. After that, apply for an emotional support animal letter, and you’re good to go.

But, yes, while you’re planning to get an ESA home, space does matter. It means you need to be a bit careful about what kind and size of support animal you can own. You can figure a lot about it. Just think how much space that pet will take, will it be enough or not.

Or will it be possible for them to adjust to your area? These questions will help you find out the type of animal you should bring home. This blog will shed light on the house pets that can be welcomed even in a small apartment.

Or will it be possible for them to adjust to your area? These questions will help you find out the type of animal you should bring home. This blog will shed light on the house pets that can be welcomed even in a small apartment.


The most apartment-friendly companions are kittens. Studies claim that once you become friends with cats, they’re the most adaptable pets. They understand and regard you for everything you have. Whether you live in a small apartment or a villa, felines don’t care about it. What they all adore is how you care for them.

Additionally, cats can uniquely make great use of vertical space. So, living in a small apartment is not a big deal for them. Cat’s reign is supreme when it comes to living in a small house because they don’t like to exercise and walk like dogs. That means your little flat is even big for your furry.


Small in size and very adorable rabbits are also excellent for you if you live in a tiny home. Bunnies are very loving, and they love to cuddle. Maybe that’s why experts consider them one of the best emotional support animals.

The irony is folks often overlook them as ESAs and prefer dogs and cats only. But that’s a pity. Rabbits are so cute and independent that they can give competition to all their counterparts like dogs and cats. And if you are looking for a house friend for your tiny apartment, then what could be better than these furballs.

Make them a rabbit abode, and they are happy to live in their own space. Remember that you’re bunny is a lump of tasty meat for the predators. Keeping them inside your home is always right.

Small Breed of Dogs

Well, nobody is ignorant about the fact that dogs are the best pets and considered as men’s best friends. Small apartment dwellers always keep dogs aside as they think that their home is not enough for dogs.

But, there’re so many small breeds of dogs that throughout their lifetime not cross a specific height limit. French bulldog, Yorkshire terriers, and King Charles Spaniel are the perfect examples of those races.

Smartness can solve many problems when it’s about picking the correct pet for your home. And for a fact, studies claim that King Charles loves to live in a small space. Moreover, you can also welcome a big breed, but small fluff-balls are always advisable.


Rodents are an uncommon pick when it’s about emotional support companions. But without any doubt, they love and care for you a lot when you greet them home.

They give you a lot of attention all the time. Those who are dealing with the problem of loneliness can go with picking rodents for their small homes. The bonus is they don’t need much maintenance. And petting them is also not that expensive. So a big fair deal for you when they’re rodents. Aloofness becomes a past thing with the entry of this small mickey creature in your life.


Although fish are an excellent choice for an emotional friend, you cannot touch them, make eye contact with them, and even you cannot take them outdoors. They are the ones making their ways in the row of emotional support animals. Indeed, in a small space, they can manage well. And it is believed that fish understand human emotions, and they listen to you. So, their presence is all about calmness and beauty. And for a second, if we think about an ESA, then they seem ideal pets for the tiniest apartments.


To sum up, once you decide which pet will be your home companion, the rest of the things are easy. After registering them as an ESA, you can travel with them with an ESA letter. If you want to live every moment of your life with your pet friend then, it’s crucial to get them registered. So, don’t wait, analyze your mind yourself and come up to a conclusion. It’ll help!